manbetx20客户端下载's leadership is comprised of some of the leading executives of Tulsa-area manufacturing organizations. If you are interested in becoming a leader and serving on or helping a committee, let us know!

  • Tim Epps, President/Audit Chair
  • Kannan Sripathy, Vice President/Membership Co-Chair
  • Kenneth Statton, Past President
  • Skylar Guilfoyle, Treasurer & By-Laws Chair
  • Justin Ecklar, Membership Co-Chair
  • Karen Pennington, Marketing Co-Chair
  • Tyler Henning, Marketing Co-Chair
  • David Wheeler, Program/Government Affairs Chair
  • Tim Epps, Education/Scholarships Chair
  • Colin Jones, Golf Tournament Chair
  • Kristi Wade, Secretary
manbetx20客户端下载 receives a proclamation for the 2015 Manufacturing Day in Tulsa, October 2015.

Each committee in manbetx20客户端下载 takes on specific tasks and duties to achieve the membership's goals. If you are interested in joining a committee, please let us know!

  • Develops monthly programs and tours with input from board members.
  • Finds and secures speakers or presentations.
  • Ensures that the function of the Program Committee continues to become more functional and innovative.
  • Acts as a liaison between manbetx20客户端下载 membership and various community manufacturing education initiatives.
  • Educates the manbetx20客户端下载 membership about the various community programs/activities that promote manufacturing and how they can get involved.
  • Organizes educational seminars or workshops.
  • Connects manufacturers with education, training, and workforce development resources available in the Tulsa region.
  • Builds robust partnerships and a collaborative environment for manufacturing growth and economic development.
  • Develops Scholarship guidelines
  • Works with schools and counselors and others to get information out to students and the public about scholarships.
  • Interviews scholarship applicants and awards scholarships.
  • Verifies potential members and level of membership.
  • Recruits new members.
  • Reviews membership requirements and recommends possible changes.
  • Maintains membership list.
  • Serves as delegate from manbetx20客户端下载 to the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Manufacturing Council. Reports back to manbetx20客户端下载 Board and Membership as needed.
  • Monitors Oklahoma State Chamber events and activities to communicate/promote to the manbetx20客户端下载 Board and Membership.
  • Monitors Tulsa Regional Chamber events and activities to communicate/promote to the manbetx20客户端下载 Board and Membership.
  • • Monitor local and regional news and social media for government events, activities, and issues to communicate/promote to the manbetx20客户端下载 Board and Membership.
  • Effectively communicates with the manbetx20客户端下载 membership opportunities to participate in tours, workshops, golf tournament and other networking opportunities.
  • Develops electronic communication and social media presence and strategies for manbetx20客户端下载 using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other methods.
  • Creates marketing materials for committees, including Scholarship, Education, Golf and Program committees to effectively communicate the mission of manbetx20客户端下载 and to recruit and educate members as needed.